With close to 17,000 members of the MPMLF submitting Income Tax Returns, 8-10 members in British Columbia and 4 in Manitoba, all of whom apparently submitted multiple receipts for various years, have had their returns refused or reduced. We have a law firm in Manitoba, Thompson, Dorfman, Sweatman, looking into this with Revenue Canada. We will advise all members when we have a resolution to the matter.

A. G. Clarke, Secretary/Treasurer.

Welcome to the Mounted Police Members Legal Fund Website

R_Marsh As the current Chair of the MPMLF, and on behalf of the rest of the National Executive I welcome you to our website. It is an honour and privilege to serve as one of your National Executive and I hope that you will find this site to be informative and helpful. I joined the Force in January of 1980 and have been a member of the MPMLF since its inception. Prior to becoming the National Chair I was a Director, served as the National Vice Chair and currently also hold the position of Secretary for the "E" Division Board of the MPMLF.

Being in these positions has provided me with a front row seat to observe the great work that is being done by the Legal Fund on behalf of the Members from across this country. Unfortunately due to legal requirements the legal Fund is not always able to publicize all the details of the many successes that have been obtained on behalf its members. Where possible the Legal Fund, through this site and via our Newsletters, will provide case information that clearly demonstrates the benefits, relief and successful resolutions that have, and continue to be, obtained on behalf of the Members.

The RCMP is currently going through dramatic changes and challenges and there has never been a more important time for the Legal Fund to ensure that the dignity and welfare of the Membership is protected. There are some that broadcast misinformation in regards to the Legal Fund and I would strongly encourage everyone to fully inform themselves of all the facts as most of this misinformation is simple rumor mongering with no factual basis. The Legal Fund, through the web site and Newsletters, is committed to continue to provide timely updates on important cases and issues.

As most of you are all aware, the new RCMP Conduct Regime is currently being rolled out under Bill C42 and there will be changes to many of the administrative process and procedures within the Force. Facing these changes makes it all the more important that Members are afforded the protection and peace of mind that that comes with being a member of the Legal Fund. If you are not a member of the Legal Fund, as a Member of the RCMP, it is my hope that you join.


Richard Marsh
Chair, MPMLF
March 5, 2014