Welcome to the Mounted Police Members Legal Fund Website

R_Marsh As the Chair of the Mounted Police Members Legal Fund (MPMLF), and on behalf of the Executive and Directors, I welcome you to our website. It is an honour and privilege to serve as one of your MPMLF Executive and I hope that you will find this site to be informative and helpful.

Like many of you, I have been a member of the MPMLF for years. Throughout that time, I will confess I was not aware of the great work being done, value offered and peace of mind provided by the fund for its membership. During my tenure as a Director, as a member of the Executive and now as the Chair of the Mounted Police Members Legal Fund, I have been afforded a front row seat. I have observed, advocated for, and participated in many of the initiatives brought forward, as well as cases taken on by the Legal Fund on behalf of Members from across the country. Whenever possible, the Legal Fund, through this site and our Newsletters, will make every attempt to provide case information that demonstrates the benefits and successful resolutions that we have, and will continue to obtain on behalf of the Members. Bearing in mind that most of our cases are subject to solicitor-client privilege, or sensitive in nature, the Fund is not always able to publicize every success.

In my opinion, there has never been a more important time for the Legal Fund to ensure that the dignity and welfare of the Membership is protected. The first step you can take to ensure you are protected is to confirm you are a member of the fund. This can be accomplished by looking at a pay stub and confirming a deduction marked "LF". If you are not a member, I strongly encourage you to click the "Become a Member" link on this page and follow the procedures outlined.

Inaccurate information regarding the Fund, the coverage it provides as well as the processes involved to access the Fund exists. I strongly encourage all of you to educate yourselves with all the facts regarding the Fund. The Legal Fund through the web site and Newsletters will continue to provide timely updates on important cases and issues.

The Executive and the Directors strive to operate in a transparent manner. We are available to answer your questions.


Brian Sauvé
Chair, MPMLF
December 4, 2014